Your fund balance is lesser than what you expect it to be because of any of the following reasons:

  • You have sold your holdings or closed your position

In this case, not all your funds from the amount will be credited to your fund balance on the same day. The Exchange takes time to settle the trade, this cycle is called the settlement cycle. Check this article to learn more about the settlement cycle.

Example: I have sold a share of ABC worth ₹100 from my holdings today. In this case, 80% of the sell amount i.e ₹80 will be added to my fund balance on the same day and the balance 20% i.e. ₹20 will be added on the next trading day.

  • Charges & taxes for your orders

Every order you place has charges and taxes that are associated with it. These charges and taxes are debited from your fund balance at the end of the day. To check the charges & taxes for your orders, check this article.

  • Maintenance charge deduction

Based on your plan, Upstox might be charging you a fee to maintain your Demat account. It is a fixed fee that you pay once every quarter/year as per the account opening plan when you first joined Upstox.

Example: I had ₹50 in my fund balance last when I checked, is now reduced to -₹38.50. ₹88.50 (₹75+GST) was charged to me as a Quarterly maintenance charge.

Maintenance charges are applicable only for those accounts opened before Aug 2021

Annual maintenance charges (AMC) = ₹150 + GST = ₹177

Quarterly maintenance charges (QMC) = ₹75 + GST = ₹88.50

You can refer to the link to know how to check AMC/QMC charges.

  • Quarterly settlement 

An initiative by SEBI, where your fund balance (both funds & securities) are transferred to your primary bank account registered with upstox, once in 30 / 90 days. In this case, your fund balance will become zero.

Refer to the link to know more about quarterly settlement.

Example: I had ₹100 in my fund balance last when I checked, It suddenly became zero. Although my balance is credited to my bank account

  • Marked to market loss

If you hold any positions in futures then the loss is debited from the account due to which the account balance can decrease.

  • Scheduled maintenance activity 

The upstox system undergoes maintenance every day between 1:00 AM to 6:00 AM, to ensure you have a hassle-free experience with us, due to which your fund balance might not be accurate. Check your balance after 6:00 AM to note the correct balance.

Note: Check your ledger report at regular intervals to keep a track of your fund balance.

Refer to the link to know What is a Ledger report and how do I access it?