Brokerage charges depend on your account opening plan. You can check your brokerage under the trading plan in the profile section of the mobile app 

Brokerage and charges are levied on transactions and can be seen in the ledger report under order details.

Follow the steps to check the brokerage and charges

  1. Login to the Upstox app using your 6-digit Pin or biometrics 

  2. Click on ‘ Account'.

  3. Select ‘My account' under Profile tab.

  4. Select ‘Reports' and click on 'Ledger report.'

  5. Click ‘Order details’ for the particular trade date.


  6. Under order details, you will get to see the trade transaction where the total transaction value or the amount can be checked.


 7. Scroll down to check taxes and charges.


Note: Here you can see the total transaction value is ₹18,710/- but the amount credited in the ledger is ₹18,668.38 /-
Here is the reason why:

Whenever trade transaction is done in the account, charges and taxes are also levied on the same.


Transaction Value: ₹18,710/- 

Brokerage and Taxes: ₹41.62/- (To know more about the charges and taxes please click here)

So the total amount which will be credited to the account is ₹18,710 - ₹41.62 = ₹18,668.38


 You can also view the brokerage while placing a trade and clicking on the ‘Taxes and charges’ info button.


  • To know about brokerage charges for different segments, click here
  • You can use the Upstox Brokerage Calculator to determine how much you pay as brokerage fees. You can enter the number of units, lot size or number of shares that you wish to purchase. 
  • Calculate your brokerage with Upstox here.

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