What are maintenance charges?

  • The annual/quarterly maintenance charge (also known as AMC/QMC) is the fee you pay to maintain your Demat account.
  • It is a fixed fee that you pay every year/quarter as per your account opening plan and date of opening an account.
  •  It is applicable regardless of whether you have a Trading account or not.

Note *Maintenance charges are applicable only for those accounts opened before Aug 2021.

Types of Charges

  1. Annual maintenance charges applicable as per offer/plan are ₹150 + GST = ₹177 /- (Non-refundable)
  2. Quarterly maintenance charges applicable as per offer/plan are ₹75 + GST = ₹88.50/- (Non-refundable)

View or Download

  • To know how to access and download the ledger report via the app, click on this link: How to check ledger
  • The entry for AMC/QMC reflects in the Ledger report as shown in the below screenshots.
  • You can view the AMC/QMC charges applied on your account in your Ledger report.it will be a JV entry mentioning AMC/QMC amount debited.

Charges can be viewed under Ledger report under Journal voucher.


To check maintenance charges applicable for new account opening, click on this link: New account opening 

For information on all other charges, click on this link: Other charges

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