Available to trade 

Available to trade means the total amount you can use to trade. Whenever a deposit is made successfully or a holding is sold, this trading limit is increased.

Used margin

When an amount is used for trading then this amount will be shown under ‘Used margin’.

Total Margin

Total Margin is the sum of ‘Cash Margin’, ‘Used margin’, ‘Collateral margin’, and ‘unsettled profits’. Total margin is updated every time you -

  • Deposit funds into your Upstox account
  • Request for withdrawal and your request is processed
  • Place a trade request or order in the market
  • Pledge your shares to obtain collateral margin
  • Sell your holdings 

Collateral margin 

This amount is made available for trading in the F&O segment, against the Liquid Bees ETFs and the Equity stocks that you have pledged

Collateral margin is the extra funds you receive for trading or investing by pledging securities held in your Demat account.

Cash margin

This is the current cash balance in your account which depends on the deposits, withdrawals and trading activity.

Unsettled profits

The amount of money you are supposed to receive on account of profits made or stocks sold. This is only applicable for Intraday Equity traders and not F&O traders. 


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