Breakdowns of the terms are defined as different scenarios

1) Available to Trade

The 'Available to trade' section is updated whenever:

  • You deposit funds into an Upstox account.

  • You request a fund withdrawal, and your withdrawal request is processed by the Upstox back-office team.

  • Whenever you place a trade request or order in the market.


2) Used Margin

Your 'Used Margin’ section would be used in either of these two scenarios: 

From your total 'Available to Trade' balance, when an amount of funds is used for trading, this amount will be shown in 'Used Margin’. This is denoted as a positive amount. The possible scenario when this may happen is: 

  • You buy Stock in the Equity Delivery segment.

  • You buy or short sell a Stock in the Equity Intraday segment.

  • You buy or short sell a Derivatives (Futures & Options) contract in Intraday or Delivery.

  • You carry forward an open position to the next trading day for either a Futures contract or an Options contract (on the short side only).


Whenever you successfully sell a Delivery position, an amount will be receivable by you, and this amount will be shown in 'Used Margin'. This will be denoted as a negative amount. The possible scenarios when this may happen are: 

  • You successfully sell a Stock in the Equity Delivery segment (from your Demat account).

  • You sell an open position (on the buy-side) in the Options segment.


3) Total Margin

Total Margin is the sum of ‘Cash Margin’, ‘Used Margin’, ‘Collateral Margin’, and ‘Unsettled profits’. Total margin is updated every time you: 

  • Deposit funds into your Upstox account.

  • Request for withdrawal and your request is processed.

  • Place a trade request or order in the market.

  • Pledge your shares to obtain collateral margin.

  • Sell your holdings. 


4) Collateral Margin 

  • Collateral Margin is the additional funds you receive for trading or investing by pledging securities held in your Demat account. 

  • This amount is made available for trading in the F&O segment, against the Liquid Bees ETFs and the Equity stocks that you have pledged.


5) Cash Margin

Cash Margin is the trading margin available to a trader in the following cases:

  • When you add funds or withdraw funds from Upstox.

  • When you sell your position or holdings, the margin will be added to the cash margin according to the settlement cycle.

6) Unsettled Profits

  • Unsettled Profits refer to the amount of money you are supposed to receive on account of profits made or stocks sold. 

  • This is applicable for all segments. 

  • Unsettled or speculative profits refer to the day-to-day profits/losses on your positions.

  • It keeps fluctuating as per your trading position as per the prevailing market prices.

Important Note: 

  • Funds that are not settled cannot be withdrawn; withdrawals are possible only when the amount is settled.

  • Settlement cycle: Amount will settle on T+1 trading day for all segments

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