Unsettled or speculation profits refers to the day-to-day profits/losses on your positions. It keeps fluctuating as per your trading position as per the prevailing market prices. 


Why will you not be able to use speculation profits on T+1 Trading day?

When you sell/exit Intraday equity trades, the Exchange takes T+2 Trading days to credit the profits to a broker and thereby to your account. Hence, any profits used by you on T+1 could lead to a margin shortfall which is liable to penalties. To protect you from such penalties, we have decided to discontinue the use of such profits on T+1 Trading day in your best interest. 

Speculation (Intraday) profits would be available to place trades only from T+2 Trading days and not on T+1 Trading day. Customers will be notified before this change takes effect through email and app notification  

This is only applicable for Intraday Equity traders and not F&O traders

For Delivery Equity,  profits from T+1 Trading day can be used to place trades. Read more about it here: https://help.upstox.com/support/solutions/articles/251537-what-is-the-settlement-cycle-when-i-sell-my-holdings-