As per compliance regulations, we can only accept payments from your registered bank account. When you make a payment directly from a payment service provider (PSP) app to the Upstox UPI ID or Upstox bank account, it’s challenging for us to verify the bank account, as we only receive your UPI ID in this instance. Hence, making UPI payments directly from PSP apps is not allowed.

Step 1: Login to the Upstox app using your 6-digit Pin or Biometrics.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Account/Funds’ tab

Step 3: Click on ‘Add funds’ as per the Require trading account.

Step 4: Enter the amount and select 'UPI'

Step 5: You will then receive a request on the PSP app, once you accept this request the amount will be credited to your trading account instantly.

Refer to the link to know different ways of fund transfer to the Upstox account.

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