The following are the reasons for failure in NetBanking Transactions, along with a solution:

Pending from Bank

Once we receive a confirmation from our Payment Gateway that your transaction was successful the amount will get updated on your Upstox wallet.

In case the amount doesn't get credited, it would be reversed within the next 24-48 working hours to your registered bank account.

Insufficient Account Balance: 

When you have insufficient funds in your bank account this message will appear. We recommend adding funds to your bank account and trying again or transferring a lower amount to your Upstox account.

Canceled Payment:

When you click on the cancel button on the bank transfer page, this message will appear. You will have to initiate a transfer again for your payment to get processed.  

Payment Failure: 

Such a message will appear when the payment has failed from the bank's end, or the payment gateway, or the wallet level. Since Upstox has no control over this, we recommend trying again, preferably with a lower amount. Or using another payment mode such as UPI or Google Pay.

Payment Gateway Request Timed Out:

This happens when the payment gateway request expires. You'll need to initiate the transfer again by re-submitting your details.

Validation Failure:

This happens due to a verification failure with the payment gateway. You can try again or use another payment mode such as UPI or Google Pay.

Payment Request Time Out:

When the payment request was not completed on time, this could happen. So, you might have to initiate the transfer again.

Account Disabled:

Your bank account could have been disabled. To resolve this, you would need to check with your bank or submit a request to change the primary bank account in Upstox. Click here to know how to add another bank account and modify your primary bank account on Upstox.

Invalid Account Details:

Payment could have failed due to invalid/incorrect account details. Kindly retry the transaction with the correct details. 

System Error:

This might occur due to internal technical issues. Please check the Upstox announcement section for any technical failure or use other payment modes for the funds' transfer.