You cannot place a payout request if the settlement is pending. The settlement of funds is determined by the Exchange/SEBI. 

Settlement cycle: Amount will settle on T+1 trading day for all segments

Please note: In case there is a bank or trading holiday between the date of selling to T+1 day, the settlement period will be extended accordingly.

Meanwhile, you can withdraw the available wallet balance by placing a withdrawal request from our trading platform through these steps:

1) Login to the Upstox app using your 6-digit Pin or Biometrics.

2) Click on the 'Account' tab


3) After that, select the Exchange and click ‘Withdraw Funds’.

4) In order to check your Withdrawable funds click on 'View Current Withdrawal breakdown'. Here you will see Withdrawable funds which can be withdrawn. Enter the Withdrawable funds and click on continue. 


5) Next, confirm the withdrawal by checking all the details once again.

6) The withdrawal request is now placed.

In the Web portal

1) log in with the User ID and password and click on ‘Funds’ on the Left-side into which the Securities and Commodities section is there. After that, select the desired segment to withdraw funds and click on ‘Withdraw Funds’.

2) Enter the amount available to withdraw and submit the request.