At the moment, you can only transfer shares from Upstox to another Demat account and vice-versa if they’re a CDSL Demat account.  There are two ways to do this - offline and online.

Offline Process:

To transfer shares from your Upstox account to another Demat account via the offline process, please follow these steps:-

1. Fill and sign this - DIS (delivery instruction slip) form 

(In case of multiple account holders, it needs to be duly filled by all)

To help you understand this better, here is a sample:

2. All the fields marked in red need to be filled out 

3. The fields on top of the form - Client ID, DP ID, First/Sole Holder’s Name are details of the account you’re transferring shares from

4. The fields at the bottom - Counter DP ID, Counter Client ID and Counter Client Name are details of the account you’re transferring shares to

5. Ensure to enter the Scrip name, ISIN, and quantity of shares you’re transferring 

6. Please specify the reason for transfer of shares in the DIS form

Beneficiary Account Addition:

  1. CDSL introduced a new process to prevent erroneous security transfers from Sellers (Transferors) to Buyers (Transferees).
  2. During Off-market/Int-DP transfers, Sellers must add/map the Buyers' beneficiary accounts under their accounts.
  3. Clients need to submit Annexure A (attached) along with the DIS slip during share transfers.
  4. The DP will add/map the beneficiary account mentioned in Annexure A for the client.
  5. The Transferor (client) receives a link on their registered Mobile/Email ID to authenticate the OTP for the added beneficiary account.
  6. Please courier the DIS and Annexure A form to the following address once you have filled and signed it
    Harishchandra Sawant , Upstox Securities Private Limited,
    30th Floor, Sunshine Tower,
    Senapati Bapat Marg,
    Dadar- W,
    Mumbai - 400013


  • Failure to process the OTP will result in the beneficiary account authentication status remaining "Pending," preventing the transfer of shares to the target account.
  • The OTP link is valid until the end of the same day.
  • Beneficiary account mapping can be done through Easi/Easiest login, eliminating the need to send Annexure A with a signature.

To help you understand this better, here is a sample

Keep in mind:

  • To transfer shares from Upstox to another broker there are charges of ₹18.50 + GST (as per tariff sheet).
  • To transfer shares from another broker to Upstox there are no charges.
  • It takes a minimum of 5 business days to transfer shares.
  • Once your DIS slip is taken for processing, you will receive an SMS on your registered mobile number and email from CDSL with a link for OTP authentication. Complete this by 9 PM on the same day to avoid your request from getting rejected.
  • If your request gets rejected you will have to fill a new DIS slip and courier us again.

Online Process:

Registration for CDSL Easiest 

  1. Register on CDSL by following the steps here: How to register for CDSL’s Easiest facility with an Upstox Demat account?
  2. Once your Easiest registration is done, please email us on [email protected] confirming that you have completed your registration process
  3. After registration it will take between 24-48 hours for your registration to be validated
  4. Once validated you will be able to transfer shares using the Easiest facility. 

Note: Currently, the Easiest facility is available only for non-POA customers, and it is processed manually.

Steps to transfer shares through CDSL Easiest after registration approval by DP team:

1. After registration on CDSL’s Easiest facility, ensure you add trusted account details by following the steps mentioned here: How to add trusted account details?
Trusted accounts are the Demat accounts to which you wish to transfer any Stocks, ETFs, etc.
At a time you can transfer securities to four CDSL Demat accounts of your own choice, which have been added as Trusted accounts. 

2. Once the trusted account details are added, go to 'Setup' on the transaction section 

3. Select ‘Bulk Setup’

4. Click on the ‘Transaction’ tab

5. Provide the required details as follows

  • Execution date
  • Counter BOID
  • Exchange ID
  • CounterParty Exchange ID
  • Market Type
  • CounterParty Market Type
  • Settlement ID
  • Counter Settlement ID
  • Click on (+) icon from ISIN details to add the ISIN details
  • Click on ‘Submit’

 6. Select 'Verify' to authenticate your request

 7. Click on ‘Commit’

 8. Enter the 8-digit alphanumeric CDSL Easiest PIN sent to your registered email ID. Avoid using the 6-digit CDSL TPIN that you use for your ‘sell orders’.

 9. Once this is done, please wait for approval from the DP (Depository Participant). 

Keep in mind:

  • To transfer shares from Upstox to another broker there are charges of ₹18.50 + GST (as per tariff sheet)
  • To transfer shares from another broker to Upstox there are no charges
  • Make sure you complete the transaction of shares before 1 PM
  • Kindly place the trusted account authentication and share confirmation over mail id ([email protected]) so that our team can manually process your request further

In case of any other queries, kindlyRaise a Ticketfrom Web Portal and Mobile Application. Our team will be glad to assist you.

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