1.Visit cdslindia.com and click on ‘Login.’


2. Select the first option, and click ’ Login.’


3. Select the second option, ‘Register for Easiest.’


4. Enter your 8-digit DP ID and then client ID (details of the same are available under the ‘Profile’ tab of the Upstox Mobile app), then click ‘Continue.’


5. Enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile number.


6. Enter your details and security questions. Select ‘Trusted account’ as the Account type, allowing the transfer of securities from a BO account to any 4 CDSL Demat accounts.


7. Upon successful registration, you will receive a confirmation message.Click 'OK.'


8. Enter the 16-digit Demat details of the account where the shares need to be transferred and click ‘Submit.’


9. After entering the details, OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.


10. You will receive a notification confirming the mapping request sent to your DP.

11. Click on ‘Continue.’

12. A list will be displayed of the Demat accounts you hold with other brokers. Select the account where you want to transfer the shares.


Note-  If you have CDSL demat accounts with other brokers, consolidate them using this option as BO IDs are pre-approved. To add an existing CDSL demat account as a trusted account, choose the BO ID and proceed by clicking Continue. Alternatively, skip this step by clicking Continue without selecting the BO ID.

13. You will receive a notification of successful registration.