Yes, brokerage and charges are applicable for every child order.


The current freeze quantity for NIFTY is 1800. Now, if you want to enter a position for a quantity of 5000, enter 5000 in the quantity field, and your order will be auto-sliced into 3 orders:

  • 1st order of 1800 quantity
  • 2nd order of 1800 quantity
  • 3rd order of 1400 quantity

Since each leg is a separate order, the brokerage is charged separately. In the above example, your order of 5000 for NIFTY will be sliced into 3 orders, and then the brokerage will be applicable for 3 executed slices individually. For example, if we divide your order into 3 slices, the brokerage fees will be ₹20 X 3.

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