No, you can’t apply for an SME IPO through Upstox. 

Here are some key points to understand why we do not offer SME IPOs on our platform.

  • SME IPO investing typically involves retail applications over 1 lakh 
  • After listing, liquidity is low in some of these scrips 
  • These companies also have limited or no oversight from market regulator SEBI
  • They also have  little to no coverage from the analyst community leaving investors on their own to do their due diligence.
  • Hence, investors with a high risk appetite usually invest in SME IPOs

However, if you still wish to apply for an SME IPO, you can apply for it via your banking portal if they support it. For this, the bank may ask for your Demat account details. You can find your Upstox Demat details by following these steps: