Upstox allows SME IPO applications through the UPI or ASBA process. The SME IPO application process is similar to other IPO applications. For additional details, please click here: how can i apply for an ipo.

Note: SME IPOs do not allow you to place the bid at the cut-off price; instead, you must choose the price you wish to bid.

Apply via UPI facility on Upstox:

  • While ASBA requires logging onto your netbanking, the UPI facility can be done through your trading account on Upstox.
  • Select the IPO that you want to invest in.
  • Submit the number of shares and your bid price for the same.
  • Fill in your personal information including your UPI ID.
  • Complete the form, accept the terms and conditions and clear the transaction. The money will be blocked and debited only after acceptance of the application.

Apply via ASBA facility that is provided by the bank:

  • Log onto your netbanking account.
  • Click on the IPOs option in the requests tab and apply for any of the ones under the list that opens.
  • Submit information regarding the number of shares and bid price.
  • Accept the terms and conditions and go ahead with the transaction. This will block the transaction amount in your bank and once the IPO application is accepted, the amount will be debited. If rejected, the amount will be released.

Explore the link below for a list of current and upcoming SME listings: