A Cover Order is a special order type that combines a Market/Limit Order with a Stop-Loss Order. It consists of two legs: the first leg is always a Limit/Market order, and the second leg is a Stop-Loss Order. To learn more about Cover Orders, click here.

To place a cover order follow below steps:

Step 1: On the Order Entry screen, choose the 'Intraday' option.

Step 2: Choose the order type as Market or Limit. If 'Limit' is selected, enter the price.

Note: For cover orders, since a compulsory stop loss market order is placed, the SL-Lmt and SL-Mkt order types are disabled.

Step 3: Activate the toggle next to the 'Add stop loss (Cover order)' option.


Step 4: When setting the Stop-Loss price for a Cover Order, you can specify it either as a percentage or the actual price.

Step 5: After clicking on review buy order, Click on submit and the order will be placed.


Cover orders are not allowed across F&O segments, since additional leverage is not provided for CO on index options.

Cover orders are not allowed in Pre Market session

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