Ever wondered why your anticipated trade profit wasn't credited to your account? Or why did you receive less than expected? Explore possible reasons in this article, covering factors like previous debit amounts, taxes, charges, pending settlements, and settlement holidays. Let's simplify and understand what might be affecting your account balance and profit outcome.

Here are the potential reasons for a detailed understanding:

Previous Debit Amount

Your fund balance might be negative or reduced due to various factors, including:

  • Deductions related to maintenance charges if your account was opened before August 2021. Refer to this link for more details.
  • Quarterly settlements and fund withdrawals. Find additional information here.
  • Previous trading transactions.

Taxes and Charges

If your profit falls short of expectations, review the taxes and charges debited in trade-related transactions. Access this information through the ledger report and Profit and Loss report. For detailed insights, please refer here.

Pending Settlement

In the case of pending settlements, 80% of the sell amount is available for trading on the same day, with the remaining 20% becoming available on the following trading day (T+1). Learn more about settlements here.

Settlement Holidays

During settlement holidays, it's possible that the sell amount from the previous day may not reflect in your account. However, it will be available on the next working day.

Note: Refer to the Ledger Report to ascertain the amount and details.

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