Now, you can easily review and verify your Profit and Loss details for a specific day or month using the latest features on Upstox. Simply access the ‘calendar’ option in the Profit and Loss report.

To access the Profit and Loss report, please follow the steps outlined below.

How do I download the Profit and Loss report? (Mobile application) - Upstox Help Center

To view the Profit and Loss incurred for the day or month, navigate to the 'filter' tab.  

  • Select the segment and date range, and then click on 'Get Reports.' 
  • Make sure to select the ‘Realised’ tab to get the incurred loss and profit details.
  • Unrealised’ tab will show the Profit and Loss details of trades that are yet to be squared off or closed.



Alternatively, you can also choose from various options for a date range(Yesterday, 7 Months, Last 1 month). However,  it is essential to select the 'segment.'


Click on the date to observe your Profit or Loss for the day.


The green colour on the date signifies the Gross Profit made for the day. The red indicates the Loss for that particular day.


After clicking on the ‘date’, you will be able to view the Gross and Net Profit for that specific day.

Click on the Gross P&L to know your 

  • Total trades(No of trades done during the selected period)
  • Winning trades (Those trades when you made a profit in trade transactions)
  • Losing trades(Trading days you made a loss in transactions)
  • Winning amount(Profit amount ) 
  • Losing amount (Loss amount )


NET P&L shows the following details:

All the taxes and charges debited for the trading transaction for the selected day.


On the same screen, you can scroll through the date options to view the Profit and Loss for both past and upcoming dates


You can also utilise the 'Add Notes' feature to record your trading details

To inspect the Profit and Loss for different segments, choose the segment option from the 'Filter' tab. Then click on 'Get Reports'

Overall, this page specifically highlights the details of the days where you have realised Profit and Loss for the day.