1.Login to account.upstox.com using your registered mobile number or scan the QR code.


 2. Click on ‘Actions.'


3. Select ‘Margin Pledge.'


4. From the provided options below, you can check previous transaction details and the process for the Margin Pledge.


5. In the 'Holding available to pledge' section, you will find information about the securities from the portfolio that can be pledged, along with those permitted for pledging.


6. Check the pledge details and click on ‘Apply.


7. Verify the number of scrips, margin, and terms & conditions.


8. Scroll down and click on ‘Submit Request’.


9. Upon clicking  ‘Submit request’, you will be redirected to the CDSL page where you have to enter the OTP received on the registered Mobile number.


10 Click ‘Verify’.


11. Click on the ‘close tab’ to return to the web portal.


13.Click on ‘Done’.


14. You can check the  Pledged status of the current and previous requests in Transaction History.


You will receive an SMS from CDSL mentioning the pledge details


  • Upon confirmation by CDSL, you will receive the margin within 10 minutes.
  • Real-time pledging is available between 8 AM to 4 PM. 
  • You will not be able to pledge shares after 4 PM.
  • The cost of pledging, as well as unpledging, is ₹20 + GST per scrip.

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