If you have updated your mobile number, email id, address, or your bank account number with Upstox, the details get captured with CDSL depository. Although CDSL shares such details with the respective RTAs like CAMS/ KFintech, they do not capture the details accurately as they don’t have a well-defined structure to record modified details of an investor. Hence, you might come across some discrepancies when you try to verify a few details on the respective AMC’s website.

Mutual fund units held in Demat mode should not cause any concern. Investor details for the Demat account holder must be recorded correctly at the depository. You can verify these details in your profile section on Upstox. 

You can check the status of your KYC on the CVL KRA website by entering your PAN number.

It is also advisable to check if the nominee details are captured correctly since RTAs and AMCs do not have a well-defined structure to record investments in Demat mode. Hence, you might not be able to view it on the RTA or the AMC's website.

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