You will not be able to manage or track your portfolio on the AMC website as your investments are in Demat form, with CDSL.

You can check your Mutual fund investments from the Upstox portal or on the CDSL Demat holding statement, which will be sent to you intermittently. Additionally, you can download them yourself using CDSLeasi

Step 1: Login by choosing option “New system Myeasi”.

Step 2: Enter your username and password, click on Login.

Step 3: Once you click on Login various facilities are available on BOs ‘easi’.

Step 4: On the Top you will be able to see ‘Account Details’. When you click on account details below are the details displayed - 

  • The current demat account holdings is displayed 
  • Total as well as ISIN wise Valuation of holdings is available. The valuation of holdings is available on the basis of the last closing price on the exchange. 
  • ISIN wise balance held in a demat account as well as transaction details are available
  • The facility of displaying ISINs with zero balances is also available
  • A BO can either download the holding statement as CSV or take the print out of the same. 

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