We have updated the app to give you better experience 

Applying for an Offer For Sale (OFS) is quick and easy. Please follow these steps to apply for an OFS:

 If you’re using an older version of the Upstox app, read this. 

1.Use our Call-N-Trade facility at 022-61309998 / 022-71309998 and place your order bids by quoting the quantity and price at which you wish to buy the shares.

2.Ensure you have sufficient funds in your account to enable your order bid to be accepted by Upstox.

3.In order to successfully place your order, you need to have your Call-N-Trade T-PIN handy. You can find your T-PIN by logging onto our keystone portal.

4.In an OFS, bids are first collected in the non-retail category. On the next day, bidding is open for retail investors (where the application value is less than ₹2 lakhs). 

 Click here to explore the updated app.

 If you’re using the updated version of the Upstox app, read this. 

1)Login to the Upstox app using your 6-digit  Pin or Biometrics


2) Click on the name icon on your top left corner.


3) Click ‘Account’ and select ‘ Corporate actions’.


4) Under ‘Corporate actions’, select ‘OFS’ and apply for the required OFS.


5)Enter the quantity and Price


6) Confirm and   Apply


7) Order will be confirmed 


8) order will reflect under order placed tab