In general, the mandate SMS or notification is triggered within a few minutes of the bid being placed. However, at times, there may be a delay due to technical issues at NPCI. 

If you have not received an SMS or notification for amount-blocking even after six hours of placing your bid, you may have to apply again. 

Note: As per the Exchange notice, the cut off time for UPI mandate acceptance is 5 pm on closing/last day of an IPO.

You need to login to Upstox, delete your application, and reapply. This will trigger the amount-blocking-related SMS/notification on your UPI app.    

Ensure to check the following before re-submitting your bid:

  1. Did you enter the correct UPI ID?

  2. Is your UPI app updated to the latest available version?

  3. Do your UPI app and bank support IPO bids? - Check here .

  4. Have you received the mandate request on your UPI app but didn't get a notification? Click here.