Currently, the withdrawal process at Upstox takes considerable time. There is a day-end brokerage cycle and billing process, based on which the final balance is calculated, and then the payout is processed. This entire process takes over 24 hours if a withdrawal request is placed during market hours. 

However, with our instant withdrawal facility, offered free of charge to customers, you can withdraw funds in under 15 minutes after placing a withdrawal request.

Instant withdrawal timings

Trading dayWithdrawal request timeTime frame
Monday - Friday10 AM to 6 PMWithin 15 minutes on the same day (only via IMPS)

This is subject to the below criteria:

As per SEBI, you can only withdraw funds after the settlement is done. Refer to the following link to understand the settlement cycle.

  • You should not have any pending withdrawal requests.
  • You cannot withdraw more than what you have in your Upstox account.
  • This feature is accessible if you have activated IMPS on your bank account.
  • On any trading day, the feature can be used between 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (Monday - Friday).
  • Features would not be available for use on trading or settlement holidays.
  • Fund withdrawal limits are between ₹100 to ₹5 lakh per day, including both securities and commodities wallet.
  • You should not have any open and/or closed orders in their Trading and Mutual Fund account.
  • In case you place more than one withdrawal request over and above ₹5 lakh and on non-trading days, the request will follow the standard withdrawal process, check the withdrawal TAT.
  • Used margin shows you the total amount that you have utilized, against any open or closed positions, which needs to be zero in order to place an instant withdrawal request.
  • You can't retry until the current instant withdrawal request is open. There is no limit on the number of withdrawal transactions for Instant withdrawal.
  • Once the withdrawal is processed successfully, you will receive an SMS and email as a withdrawal confirmation message.

In case you have not received the funds within the mentioned Payout TAT, please wait till EOD.

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