Policy on Voluntary Block and Unblock of Trading Account.

The voluntary blocking and unblocking feature of Upstox trading accounts is a security measure to help you manage potential risks to your account. Follow the procedures outlined below to block or unblock your account as needed.
Blocking of Trading Account

You can voluntarily block your trading account through the following methods:

1. Customer Service Desk: Call our customer service desk.

2. Upstox Login: Click on the option available in the profile section within the Upstox Login (App / Web both).

The online access shall be blocked based on the receipt of the user request in the following manner:

1. Requests received during market hours: Your account will be frozen within 15 minutes of receipt of the block instruction.

2. Requests received post-market hours and 15 minutes prior to the start of the next trading session: Your account will be frozen before the start of the next trading session.

Handling Open Positions and Pending Orders

Upon receipt of a block request, all pending orders will be cancelled immediately. For open positions, you have the following options:

1. Self-Square Off: You can square off your open positions through the app/web login before the account is frozen by Upstox.

2. Customer Service Desk: Instruct the customer service desk representative to square off your open positions using the call and trade service.

3. Continue Open Positions: You may choose to continue holding your open positions. Details of open positions, if any, along with contract expiry information, will be communicated to you.

Note: Although the account will be blocked, any open positions will still be subject to RMS actions. You are responsible for fulfilling any margin shortfalls and bearing any resulting losses. Losses incurred while squaring off the open positions by calling the customer service desk representative will also be your responsibility.

Unblocking Your Trading Account

To unblock your account, you need to contact our customer service desk. Your account will be reactivated within 2 working days.

All requests to block and unblock accounts will be subject to a series of due diligence questions and answers uniquely designed by Upstox. Based on the on-call due diligence, Upstox reserves the right to reject block/unblock requests.

Once your account is blocked or unblocked, an intimation will be sent within an hour to your registered email ID and mobile number.