You can break your FD before maturity after the end of the lock-in period. Though, exiting a fixed deposit before maturity usually incurs penalties, reducing your interest earnings. The bank may charge a premature withdrawal fee and offer lower interest rates, impacting overall returns. This makes early withdrawal less financially favorable compared to holding the fixed deposit until maturity. Learn more

Right now, the process of breaking FD before maturity is not online. However, you can write an email to [email protected] and share the FD account number, and the team will assist you with the withdrawal process. Alternatively, you can also log in to the customer portal of the bank to initiate the process or visit their branch if it's near you. Ensure you log in with the same mobile number or email ID which is linked to your Upstox account.

Bank nameLock-in periodCustomer portal
Bajaj Finance3 months from the start dateLINK
Shriram Finance3 months from the start dateLINK
Mahindra Finance3 months from the start dateLINK