Typically, a Demat account and a trading account are linked, and they are often provided by the same financial institution. The Demat account is used to hold your securities in electronic form, while the trading account is used for buying and selling stocks or other financial instruments.

If you have a Demat account with one broker and you want to use it with another trading account from a different broker, it's important to note that such cross-utilization is not common. Generally, a Demat account is linked to a specific trading account provided by the same brokerage firm. The integration of these accounts is for ease of transactions and record-keeping.

Benefits of using the same Demat and trading account include:

  • Seamless Transactions: When your Demat and trading accounts are with the same provider, transactions such as buying and selling securities are usually smoother and more efficient.
  • Simplified Record-Keeping: Having both accounts with the same broker simplifies the record-keeping process, making it easier for you to track your investments and transactions in one place.
  • Faster Settlement: Transactions often settle faster when both accounts are with the same broker, reducing the time it takes for your trades to be completed.

It's worth noting that the usage of a third-party DP (Depository Participant) account with an Upstox Trading Account is not permitted. To initiate a new Upstox Trading and Demat account, please proceed to click here.