Here are the benefits of trading with Upstox:

  1. Low brokerage fees: Upstox offers competitive brokerage rates, allowing traders to save on transaction costs.
  2. Seamless account opening: Upstox offers a hassle-free account opening process, allowing traders to start trading quickly and easily.
  3. Responsive customer support: Upstox offers customer support via multiple channels, ensuring that traders receive assistance whenever they need it. We aim to respond to all calls within 30 seconds to reduce wait times, and our ‘Raise a Ticket’ system ensures timely resolution of queries.
  4. Access to multiple asset classes: With Upstox, traders can invest in a wide range of asset classes, including stocks, mutual funds, and more.
  5. Easy Accessibility: Upstox provides a mobile trading app that's easy to use and lets you trade wherever you are, whenever you want. You can access the Upstox app on Android and iOS devices, as well as on the web.. Just use your biometrics and mobile number to log in. Plus, enjoy QR code logins on the web for added convenience.