Step 1: Click on the open position by navigating to the portfolio tab.

Step 2: There are 2 ways for setting up the Trailing Stop Loss for regular positions:

  • By Clicking on the Squareoff button and by enabling the Trailing stop loss toggle button.

  • By clicking on the Trailing SL.

Step 3: Enter the limit price, trigger price, and trailing gap. Then click on 'Review sell order'.

Step 4: On the order summary screen, tap on ‘Submit order’ to place your order.

Step 5: Once submitted, the order will be displayed as 'trigger pending' on the order book with a symbol. This indicates that the sell order has a trailing stop loss.

Step 6: You can also review your trigger price and trailing gap under order details. 


  1. For buy Trailing Stop Loss orders, the limit price should be greater than the trigger price, while for sell orders, the limit price should be less than the trigger price.

   2. To increase execution chances, maintain a sufficient gap between the trigger and limit price.