Setting Initial Price:

When you schedule a Trailing Stop-loss leg, the Last Traded Price (LTP) at that moment becomes the initial set price. For example, if a Buy GTT order's primary leg executes at ₹99.5 with an LTP change to ₹99.60 during scheduling, the set price for calculation becomes ₹99.60. If you set a trailing gap of ₹2, the next trail occurs at ₹101.60.

Modification Impact:

When you modify the Trailing Stop-loss leg, the set price for calculation changes to the current LTP. In the above example, if the trailing gap is modified to ₹1 with an LTP of ₹100 at the time of modification, the set price becomes ₹100. Subsequently, the trailing will occur at ₹101.

This ensures accuracy and responsiveness to market dynamics in calculating Trailing Stop-loss values during both scheduling and modifications.