1.What is LiquiLoans?

LiquiLoans is an RBI-regulated Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Non-Bank Finance Company (NBFC). It allows users to earn returns of up to 10.50% p.a. on their investments by lending money to creditworthy borrowers sourced by LiquiLoans. Borrowers are sourced through vendor partners on the platform, and lenders can choose to fund these loans, earning returns on their investments. LiquiLoans has successfully disbursed over ₹4,500Cr to more than 200,000 investors. It boasts one of the lowest default rates, ensuring that the indicated yield is provided to 100% of the investors.

2.How does LiquiLoans work?

The money you invest is lent to qualified, creditworthy borrowers. LiquiLoans facilitates the matching of your funds with qualified borrowers, following strict RBI guidelines. The repayment of loans taken by these borrowers is what provides you with returns of up to 10.50% p.a.

3.Is LiquiLoans safe?

As with any investment offering higher returns, there is some level of risk involved. The risk in P2P investing arises when a borrower is unable to repay the borrowed funds. However, RBI has established guidelines for LiquiLoans, a P2P NBFC, to minimise this risk. LiquiLoans diversifies your investment among a large group of 100-400+ borrowers, conducts thorough credit checks on every borrower, and employs robust risk management processes. Consequently, LiquiLoans has disbursed over ₹4,500Cr+ in loans and has provided the indicated yield to 100% of investors since its inception.

4.Are returns assured in LiquiLoans?

Returns are not guaranteed. However, the risk is minimised by diversifying your investment among 100-400 borrowers, each with an average credit score of 700 or more. LiquiLoans, an RBI-licensed P2P NBFC, conducts thorough checks to ensure the safety of your investment. This approach has allowed 100% of investors to receive their indicative yields.

5.How can I see the borrowers I'm lending money to?

You can track how your funds are being lent by visiting the LiquiLoans investor dashboard at the following link: https://www.liquiloans.com/login

6.What fees does LiquiLoans charge?

LiquiLoans does not charge any fees to investors until they have earned their indicative yield.