A user can migrate from Upstox API version v1 to v2 using the following steps:

  • Create an UpLink app for free to access Upstox API v2. The steps to be followed are mentioned here. How to create an API app?

  • Once an UpLink app has been created and API credentials (API Key and Secret) received, the user can use the credentials to access Upstox API v2

  • The credentials are enough to start using the APIs via tools like Postman, Jupiter Notebooks, etc. A user would need to generate Authorization Code and Access Token to be able to get data from APIs. Steps for authentication are mentioned in the documentation here - Upstox Developer API - Documentation of investment and trading platform developer API

  • If the user is looking to build on top of the APIs, they can access the readily available SDK on GitHub and integrate the APIs using them. GitHub

  • Additionally, users can generate SDK in multiple other languages using the OpenAPI Specification. Steps to generate SDK in your preferred coding language are listed here - API-Documentation /SDK-Generation 

  • Using the above steps, users will be able to get responses from the APIs and customise the data received as per their requirements.