• Investor Protection Fund Trust (IPFT) charges are levies imposed by the NSE Exchange to provide a safety net for investors in the event of financial misconduct or fraudulent activities that may result in losses for investors.
  • These charges are applicable to Equity (Delivery, Intraday), Futures & Options, and Currency Futures & Options.
  • GST is not applicable to IPFT.

Below are the details of IPFT charges.

Segment (NSE Trades Only)         New Charges
Equity (Delivery & Intraday)

₹0.10 per Lakh of the turnover

Equity Futures

₹0.10 per Lakh of the turnover

Equity Options₹0.50 per lakh of the turnover (Premium value)

Currency Futures

₹0.05 per lakh of turnover

Currency Options

₹2 per lakh of premium value for Options

Note: These charges will be applicable only on the trades placed under NSE.