We have integrated with an account aggregator partner to get your external equity holdings safely in no time, with your consent.

To check the external holding in Investor mode,Please follow the below steps.

Step 1. Click on 'Import stocks'.


Step 2. Click ’Continue’.


Step 3. Verify your details(Mobile no).

Step 4. Click ‘Login to Onemoney’.


Step 5. Enter the OTP.


Step 6. Verify the  demat account you wish to link.


Step 7. Enter OTP

Step 8. Click 'Approve Data Sharing' to display the demat holdings of the linked accounts.


Step 9. Click ‘Redirect Now’.


Step 10. Select ‘View External portfolio’ to check the holdings of the linked account.


That’s it, It takes 10-15 sec to fetch your external equity holdings.