The ‘Chart Sync’ feature on Upstox TradingView enables users to sync their personalised chart layouts, study templates, and charts between their local device and the cloud server. 

This feature is available from the Profile section→ Save settings options as shown below:

Once cloud storage is enabled, all existing and new chart templates and layouts will be synced and saved on the cloud storage. 

By utilising this feature, traders can enjoy the following benefits: 


  • Seamless accessibility: With chart sync, users can access their custom-tailored charts and templates from any device that supports the TradingView platform. This convenience allows for smooth transitions between various devices without losing their preferred settings.

  • Backup and recovery: The cloud server acts as a secure backup, ensuring that users' chart layouts and templates are safe in the event of local device failures or data loss. This way, valuable data is readily retrievable whenever needed.

  • Consistency: Traders can maintain consistency in technical analysis since they have access to the same charts and study templates across all their devices. This uniformity enhances their trading experience.


  • Finite number of templates and chart layouts: For users switching to the cloud server for the first time, the system imposes limits on the number of study templates and chart layouts that can be stored. Specifically, the platform supports up to 20 templates and 20 chart layouts.

  • Size constraints for templates and charts: The system checks the size of the first 20 templates and recent 20 chart layouts to ensure they do not exceed the 800kb limit. However, it is unlikely that these contents would surpass the designated size restriction.

  • Switching back to local storage: Once users switch to cloud storage for the first time, any subsequent templates and chart layouts stored on the cloud server will not automatically sync back to the local storage. The initial save and upload to the cloud occur only during the first-time switch.

In summary, the chart sync feature offers seamless access, backup and recovery, and consistency in trading analysis. However, users should be mindful of the limitations regarding the number of templates and charts stored, as well as the one-time sync to the cloud server.