To execute a basket on Upstox, follow these steps:

Step 1: After you have created a basket and added all the desired orders, review the details to ensure accuracy.

Step 2: At the bottom of the basket screen, you will find a 'Swipe to place order' button.

Step 3: To execute the basket orders, 'Swipe to place order.'

Step 4: This action will send all the orders within the basket to the Exchange for execution.

Step 5: It's important to note that the orders will be sent to the Exchange in the same sequence as they are arranged in the basket.

Step 6: Once the orders are sent to the Exchange, they will be executed based on market conditions and the specified order details (such as price, quantity, and order type) for each individual order.

Step 7: You can monitor the status of the executed orders and track their progress in the basket itself.

Step 8: The status of the orders will be updated automatically; you can also use the 'Refresh' button to refresh the status of orders manually.