To create a basket order on Upstox, follow these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the Orders screen on the Upstox platform.

Step 2: In the Orders screen, locate and click on the ‘Basket’ tab.

Step 3: On the Basket tab, find the option to Add basket and click on ‘Add basket.’

Step 4: Give the basket a name to easily identify it. The name should be at least 3 characters long.

Step 5: After creating the basket, you can start adding orders to it. To add an order, click on the ‘Add scrips’ button.

Step 6: Select the stocks, futures, or options that you want to include in the basket from the available list.

Step 7: For each order, specify the necessary details such as price, quantity, and order type, then click on ‘Add to basket.’

Step 8: Repeat the process to add all the desired orders to the basket. You can add up to 20 orders in a single basket.

Step 9: Once you have added all the orders, review the details to ensure accuracy.