There are two ways to trigger the ‘Multi Square-off’ feature:
A. By tapping the ‘Square-off’ button on the header of the Positions tab.

1. Open the Upstox app and go to the ‘Positions’ tab

2. Tap on the square-off button on the ‘Positions’ tab (Visible only if you have open positions)


3. All the positions will be auto selected    

4. Confirm the square-off

5. For all open positions, a square-off order would be placed.

B. By long-pressing on any of the positions on the positions screen. 
1. Open the Upstox app and go to the ‘Positions; tab.

2. Long press on any open position


3. Select any other positions or tap select all CTA to select all positions.

4. Click on the ‘Square-off’ button and Confirm.


5. For your selected position(s) a square off order would be placed.