Tracking all your bank account balances in one place provides a convenient and efficient way for you to stay on top of their finances, enabling better financial management and decision-making.

We have tied-up with an account aggregator (RBI regulated entity) to help you track your bank accounts safely and securely on Upstox after you provide your consent. 

Step 1: On the new Upstox app, from the ‘Account’ section switch to ‘Upstox for investors’ mode if you’re on Upstox Pro mode.

Step 2: Click on ‘Import Banks’.

Step 3: Click on ‘Continue’.

Step 4: Confirm your bank registered mobile number to track bank account(s) on Upstox.

Step 5: Enter OTP.

Step 6: Select the bank account you wish to track with us and verify via OTP.

Step 7: Review and confirm the details you wish to share with us by clicking on "Approve data sharing"

Step 8: That’s it, it only takes 10-15 seconds to fetch your account balances.

Some banks are not supported within our account aggregator framework. See the list of supported banks here.