Tracking all your bank account balances in one place provides a convenient and efficient way for you to stay on top of their finances, enabling better financial management and decision-making.

We have tied-up with an account aggregator (RBI regulated entity) to help you track your bank accounts safely and securely on Upstox after you provide your consent. 

  1. On the new Upstox app, from the ‘Account’ section switch to ‘Upstox for investors’ mode if you’re on Upstox Pro mode.
  2. Click on ‘Track bank accounts’ on the Homepage.
  3. Confirm your bank registered mobile number to track bank account(s) on Upstox.
  4. Enter OTP.
  5. Select the bank account you wish to track with us and verify via OTP.
  6. Review and confirm the details you wish to share with us by clicking on "Approve data sharing"
  7. That’s it, it only takes 10-15 seconds to fetch your account balances.

Some banks are not supported within our account aggregator framework. See the list of supported banks here.