This section shows all the stocks purchased by you that are currently not tradable because they may be suspended, frozen or under a lock in period by the Exchange.  

1.Locked Quantity

Locked shares can’t be sold or transferred till the mentioned lock-in time is over. These shares won’t be available in your portfolio, but they can be viewed under the ‘Locked Qty.’ column under ‘Holdings’ .

2.Suspended Holdings

The shares which are no longer available for trading are shown under ‘Suspended Holdings’. These shares are delisted or suspended for trading due to non-compliance issues. Hence, they are not visible under your portfolio. They will become available only if it is listed back on the Exchange.

3.Freeze Holding

Stocks frozen by SEBI, exchanges, income-tax department etc., will not be visible on Upstox for trading. However, they can still be seen under the ‘Frozen Qty.’ column in your Holdings report.

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