You can see the fund details as follows - 

  1. Launch Date: This will show you when the Mutual fund was launched with month and year.
  2. Lock-in period: It refers to the number of years in which investors cannot withdraw or sell the funds they have invested in. Some mutual funds have lock-in of 3 years or 5 years.
  3. NAV (Net Asset Value): Net Asset Value represents the market value per share for a particular mutual fund. NAV will be shown as of date.
  4. AUM (Asset Under Management): The total market value of securities that a mutual fund company manages. 
  5. Expense Ratio: Expense ratios refer to the amount of money you are paying the AMC to manage your investments as a fee.   
  6. Benchmark: An index used to measure a mutual fund's performance is called a benchmark.  
  7. Fund Plan: Here you can choose between the Growth plan or Dividend Payout plan.