What are corporate actions?

How to check corporate actions like Bonus/dividend/split on NSE/BSE websites

What are Corporate actions?

A company’s board of directors decides about corporate actions which can have a remarkable impact on the shareholders and financial structure of the company. The company informs its shareholders whenever any corporate action is declared. Generally, email is sent by the respective company 

There are different types of corporate actions like bonus, dividends, rights issues, spin offs, splits. Some of these corporate actions - bonus, and split have an impact on shares including changes in share prices.

Types of corporate actions



3.Rights issue


5.Spin off

How to check Corporate actions once declared by the company?

Corporate actions can be checked and verified on the NSE/BSE website.

To understand how to check Please follow the below steps

Steps to check on the NSE website 

1. Visit nseindia.com

2. Enter the scrip name for which you want to check the corporate action details


3. Click on ‘Corporate Information’ and select ‘Corporate Action’


4. You can check the required details regarding bonus/dividend/rights issue/spin-off/split along with the ex-date and record date 


Steps to check corporate action details on bseindia website

1. Visit bseindia.com

2. Enter the scrip name


3. Select ‘Corp Actions’


4. You will get to see the declared corporate actions by the company