Here are the various statuses of SIP: - 

  1. Active SIP - The status of SIP becomes ‘Active’ when the SIP is registered with the AMC on the T+1 day. Once it is registered, the status becomes ‘Active’ on the Upstox.
  2. Pending SIP - Pending order means that your SIP order will be sent to the exchange for processing at 1:30 pm on a trading day. If there is a holiday, the order will be moved to the next trading day.
  3. Paused SIP - This status means that you have paused your SIP for a specific period of time. These timelines can be 3/4/5/6 months.
  4. Stopped SIP - This means that you have stopped your SIP on DD/MM/YYYY and will stop all future instalments in that SIP.
  5. Suspended SIP - Due to some reasons few mutual fund schemes get temporarily suspended for New SIP, Lump Sum and existing SIPs by AMC/Exchange.


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