Kindly keep any one of the following documents handy as they are required as bank proof to change/add a new bank account on Upstox.


          Cheque should contain a/c number, a/c holder name, IFSC & MICR code. Cancelled cheque should be self-attested.


    The bank statement must have the following:

  1. Bank's logo or stamp on it.
  2. Your name.
  3. Bank name.
  4. Bank account number.
  5. IFSC Code.
  6. MICR Code.

Please Note.

  1. It must be the latest bank statement.
  2. A mini statement or m-banking statement will not be accepted.
  3. We don't accept NRI banks on individual resident accounts as bank proof.
  1. Passbook with front page which should have all the four details with the stamp/ logo of the bank. 
  2. It must have your name, bank name, bank account number, IFSC Code, and MICR Code.
  • PAYMENT BANK : You can also link a Payments Bank to Upstox.

To link them you need to submit cancelled cheques, bank statements and passbooks from the following Payments Bank.

  1. Airtel Payment Bank.
  2. India Post Payment Bank.
  3. Jio Payment Bank. .
  4. NSDL Payment Bank.

Please Note

  • The instructions mentioned above for cancelled cheques, bank statements and passbooks from traditional banks also apply on any proof you upload from Payment banks.
  • In case you are submitting proof from a Payments Bank as Income Proof, you need to also provide a 6 months statement along with transaction details.
  • Ensure the submitted documents are not password protected. If any of the above documents are invalid, it will be rejected and you will be notified to reupload the correct ones. 
  • Once you submit your request for adding a new bank account, our team will verify the details. If everything looks alright, your new bank account will be added within 24 - 48 working hours . You will also receive email/ SMS from our end confirming this.