Kindly keep any one of the following documents handy as they are required as bank proof to change/add a new bank account on Upstox.

    Cheque should contain a/c number, a/c holder name, IFSC & MICR code. Cancelled cheque should be self-attested

    The bank statement must have the following:

  • Bank's logo or stamp on it 

  • Your name

  • Bank name

  • Bank account number

  • IFSC Code

  • MICR Code.
    Please Note

  • It must be the latest bank statement

  • A mini statement or m-banking statement will not be accepted. 

  • We don't accept NRI banks on individual resident accounts as bank proof


  • Passbook with front page which should have all the four details with the stamp/ logo of the bank. 

  • It must have your name, bank name, bank account number, IFSC Code, and MICR Code. 

PAYMENT BANK : You can also link a Payments Bank to Upstox. 

To link them you need to submit cancelled cheques, bank statements and passbooks from the following Payments Bank.

  • Airtel Payment Bank

  • India Post Payment Bank

  •  Fino

  • Paytm Payment Bank

  • NSDL Payment Bank

  •  Jio Payment Bank

Please Note

  • The instructions mentioned above for cancelled cheques, bank statements and passbooks from traditional banks also apply on any proof you upload from Payment banks.

  • In case you are submitting proof from a Payments Bank as Income Proof, you need to also provide a 6 months statement along with transaction details

  • Ensure the submitted documents are not password protected. If any of the above documents are invaild, it will be rejected and you will be notified to reupload the correct ones. 

  • Once you submit your request for adding a new bank account, our team will verify the details. If everything looks alright, your new bank account will be added within 24-48 working hours . You will also receive email/ SMS from our end confirming this.