T2T or Trade to Trade is a stock segment where it's mandatory to take delivery of shares for any transactions. Intraday and BTST trades are not allowed for these stocks as delivery of shares is compulsory.

How do I identify stocks in T2T segment?

Stocks in the T2T segment can be identified by changes in their scrip names:

  • NSE: The addition of the word "BE" to the scrip name. For example, "ADANIPOWER" becomes "ADANIPOWER BE" in the T2T segment and reverts to "ADANIPOWER" after normal trading is allowed.
  • BSE: The addition of the letter "T" to the scrip name. For instance, "ADANIPOWER" changes to "ADANIPOWER T" when moved to the T2T segment.

How do I trade in stocks in T2T segment?

When dealing with stocks in the T2T segment:

  • If you buy shares, you must take delivery of the shares in your demat account.
  • If you sell shares, you must deliver the shares.
  • Shares in T1 holdings cannot be sold until they are settled and delivered to your demat account (T+1 settlement).
  • Intraday or BTST trades are not allowed due to the mandatory delivery requirement.