To access Option Chain in Upstox Platform:

1. Log into your Upstox  account.

2. Select any option contract from your Watchlists.

3. Click on ‘Option chain’  on the top right side of the screen.

4. Once you click on ‘Option chain’ you can toggle between Call & Put Options as per your trading requirements.

5. You can either click on any Strike Price or Pick Strategy (ROS) or Build Strategy(Create your own Strategy). Once you click on strike price you will view the Buy and Sell buttons. Click on any of these to view the order entry screen.

6. On the order entry screen you need to enter the values in mandatory fields like Quantity and Price.

7. Tap on ‘Review buy order’ or ‘Review sell order’ to view the Order Summary. If you have disabled the order summary ( in the next step), you can just swipe to place your order.

8. On the order summary screen, tap on ‘Submit order’ to place your order. 
You can expand the taxes and charges section to view the applicable charges. 
You can also select the ‘Don’t show this review screen’ checkbox to skip the summary screen and place your orders directly from the order entry screen next time.