• Margin Trading Facility is a way to buy Stocks with just 50% funds. And you can borrow the remaining funds from Upstox for a small charge of Rs. 20/day and brokerage charges of up to ₹20/order.

To download the MTF tax report via web portal, follow the below steps: 

Step 1: Login to account.upstox.com using your registered mobile number or scan the QR code.


Step 2: Select 'Reports'. 


Step 3: Select ‘Profit and Loss’


Step 4: Click on the ‘Realized’ tab


Step 5: Select -  Segment, Financial year, and Date Range


Step 6: Click on ‘Include MTF’. This is an important step as only after selecting ‘Include MTF’, the required report will be generated. 


Step 7:  Click on ‘Get report’ 


Step 8: You will see the MTF profit and loss report for the selected period


Step 9: You can download the report in PDF and excel format

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