Lists are curated based on fundamental and price-volume factors such as Most actively traded stocks, Top gainers, losers etc. Thus making it easy for investors to pick stocks based on various available lists’ criteria.

Eg. of lists: 

  • Up Rankers : Most actively traded stocks on Upstox

  • Top gainers : Stocks that have gained the most in price % terms

  • Top losers : Stocks that have lost the most in price % terms

  • Best for beginners : Best stocks to start your investment journey with

  • Trending ETFs : ETFs which are being bought and sold the most

?Where to find lists ?

Step 1: You can find all the lists by visiting the explore tab under the discover section via the bottom navigation bar.

Step 2: Visit the Other popular lists section and click on View all to view all the lists

Step 3: View all lists will contain all the lists available on Upstox

Themes are curated lists based on sectors such as Healthcare, Infra etc. and ideas such as Rise of EV, Make in India etc. Thus investors can pick stocks easily based on the ideas or sectors they feel bullish about.

Eg. of themes  -

  • Healthcare : Companies that belong to the Healthcare sector - includes pharma drug manufacturing, pathology labs, etc 

  • Infra : Companies that belong to the infrastructure industry - air, roads, railways, & other utility services providers

  • Rise of EV : Companies positively impacted due to increased demand of electric vehicles

  • Make in India : Companies positively impacted due to domestic manufacturing scheme by the government

  • Digital India : Companies positively impacted due to digitalization of industries - food & beverages, lifestyle, education etc.

?Where to find themes- ?

Step 1: You can find all the themes by visiting the explore tab under the discover section via the bottom navigation bar.

Step 2: Click on the View all themes tab to view all the themes availa