To switch between Upstox and Upstox pro, you can follow the below steps. As an example, we are taking a case when the user is moving from Upstox to Upstox Pro. The same steps can be followed for moving from Upstox Pro to Upstox.

1. Log in to your Upstox mobile application using your 6 digit PIN

2. In Upstox Pro, on the right side on the bottom of the screen you will see “Account”. Click on it. In Upstox mode, on the top left, you will see a profile icon, click on it.

3. You will get the profile page

4. Click on the Settings option and click on the switcher button

5. You will get the below screen with details, click on “Switch to Upstox pro” on the bottom

6. You will be redirected to the Upstox Pro mode.