What is the Upstox Lite mode?

Upstox Lite mode has been designed for an investor who is new to the world of Stock Investing. This has been built grounds up to simplify and ease the process of investing.

What kind of orders can I place on the Lite mode?

A user can place a CNC ie. a Delivery order at a market price or custom (limit) price. In the future, a User will also be able to schedule orders and do recurring orders.

Can I place an Intraday order on Upstox Lite?

Users will not be able to place an Intraday order on Upstox Lite. The pro mode will allow users to place an intraday order. That being said users can always place a Buy order which they can sell on the same day.

What is Market Price and Custom price?

Market Price is the price of the security at which it is currently trading. Custom price is the price of the security that the user selects for investment.

Can I sell a share before buying it?

In the lite mode users are not allowed to sell shares if they do not hold the shares of the company.

On which exchange are the orders executed?

Orders will be executed either on NSE or BSE basis the selection from the user on the Stock Chart.

How Can I switch between trading in NSE and BSE to invest on Stocks?

On the Stock details page users can switch from NSE to BSE by click on the switcher.