Q: What is the Portfolio chart feature and what does it include?

1. The portfolio chart has 2 components

  • Portfolio Value
  • Portfolio Chart

2. The portfolio value component includes the following:

  • Value of the holdings till the current date and time
  • Invested value: Cost price of the holdings
  • Total returns which is absolute change and percentage change in value of holdings viz-a-viz invested holdings

3. The portfolio chart has the following components

  • Time frames from 1D, 1W, 1M, 1Y, 3Y, 5Y and All 
  • All timeframe includes the time from when the user made its first investment until today

Q: What are the current limitations of the portfolio charts with timeframes 1 month and above?

The one-month and above chart’s holding value and invested value do not take into account the shares, not in your Demat account.

1. Eg:

  • Today’s date 22 Nov
  • Portfolio Value on 20 Nov : 1000/-
  • Invested Value on 20 Nov:  800
  • Stocks bought on 20 Nov:
  • 2 Shares of 100/- each
  • Portfolio value after the above transaction 1200/-
  • Invested value after the transaction 1000/-

2. Chart Value for 20 Nov on 21 Nov

  • Portfolio value 1000
  • Invested value 800

3. Chart Value for 20 Nov on 22 Nov

  • Portfolio value 1000
  • Invested value 800

4. Chart value for 20 Nov on 23 Nov

  • Portfolio value 1200
  • Invested value 1000

1. If a user buys today and sells tomorrow. The values will not reflect in the portfolio chart for 1M and above

  • Because of the above scenario the Portfolio value and the invested value will not be reflected in charts 1M and above

2. If a user has procured shares through a DP transfer the invested value for these stocks will be 0

3. Rights Issue shares do not have a sell entry thus affecting the invested values. The invested value will still show a value while the stock value will be 0