You would have received your CDSL TPIN on your registered mobile number and email address from [email protected]. If you haven’t received it, you can click here to generate it.

Whenever you place a MF redemption order, follow the steps below to successfully complete your MF authorization.

  1. Once you’re logged into the Upstox app, click on the Discover section > MF > Your Portfolio. 
  2. Under ‘Your Portfolio’ click on ‘View Investments’.
  3. Click on ‘Redeem funds’ and fill all the required fields.
  4. You will now be redirected to the CDSL page to authorize the sale transaction by entering your TPIN. You can either generate a fresh TPIN or use your existing TPIN.

Note: If you’re an iOS user make sure that you need to allow pop-up window.

5. Enter the TPIN.


6. Verify the transaction by entering the OTP received on your registered mobile number and email ID.

After approving the transaction on the CDSL page, click the back button on your mobile device to go back to the Upstox page. If you are using the Upstox web portal, post approving the transaction of the CDSL page you need to return to the Upstox page but do not close the CDSL tab.

7. Once you are back on the Upstox MF page check the number of units you wish to redeem and click on the ‘Place Order’

8. Once you click on ‘Place Order’, the amount will be credited to your primary account.

Note: The amount post redemption will now be credited directly to your registered bank account instead of your Upstox account. 

This is as per a SEBI mandate whereby the usage of a common fund wallet/account for Stocks and Mutual Funds transactions is now discontinued. For more information refer to the below circular link

Also keep in mind: A DP (Depository Participant) charge of ₹20 is applicable on redemption of Mutual Fund units. This will be deducted from your Upstox wallet and not from your bank account. So ensure you have sufficient funds to successfully redeem your units.

9. You will see a confirmation message as sell request is confirmed.

Note: The order settlement time after redemption varies as per the mutual scheme & it isn’t the same for all mutual funds. Order will be updated in T+N (N refers to a number of days after redemption as per the mutual fund scheme) working days and accordingly, the amount will be credited in T+N working days to your registered bank account.