You cannot sell fractional units of Liquidbees on the secondary markets. You will have to make an off-market transfer to Nippon India Mutual Fund. Here’s how you can do this:

  1. Investors who hold fractional units in their demat accounts should transfer the fractional units by submitting an off-market Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS) duly filled and signed to their respective Depository Participant directly.
  2. The DP will execute the transfer of fractional units from the unit holder’s demat account to the demat account of the scheme.
  3. The Registrar/ AMC then tracks the units received in the target account and once received, the fractional units will be considered for redemption as on the date of receipt.
  4. The Registrar/ AMC will obtain the bank account details of the Unit holder from the Depository and the redemption amount for the fractional Units will be paid/ credited to the bank account of the Unit holder.

NoteAn off market transaction is settled directly between two Demat Account Holders without using a broker or a Clearing Corporation/ Clearing House.